Do you lick the inner envelope of a wedding invitation?

Use a strong adhesive, such as glue, to ensure that your invitation will not fall apart during transport. Second, what is the proper way to address graduation announcements? Handwrite the address on the mailing envelope. Use titles such as Ms. or Dr.

Write the words in full, rather than using abbreviations, such as Street instead of St. Insert the announcement, folded first and face up, into the small inner envelope. Do not lick or tuck in the flap of the inner envelope. Eliminate any confusion by putting your name and address on the RSVP envelopes so guests know where to send them.

You'll also want to avoid having your guests pay for postage. Make it easy for them to respond by pre-stamping the envelope with the appropriate postage. We recommend that you simply tuck the RSVP card under the flap of the reply envelope so that some of the text is covered by the flap. Do not put the RSVP cards inside the envelopes.

Next, stack all the insert cards in order of size on top of the main invitation, with the smallest card at the top of the stack. If your invitation has a pocket, place the inserts inside the pocket in order of size. Finally, insert everything into the main envelope so that the front side is the first thing your guests see when they take it out of the envelope. The front of the invitation will be facing the back of the envelope.

Even if you know for sure that your parents, siblings, wedding guests, etc., will respond in the affirmative on their RSVP cards, you should still send them a wedding invitation. Of course, the above instructions for sending your wedding invitations are correct if you have traditional invitations; however, there are also luxury wedding invitation suites that include boxes and will naturally require more complicated packaging when sending your wedding invitations. However, wedding invitations can be more complicated, especially high-end wedding invitation suites. Your wedding invitation isn't just any piece of mail - while some envelopes require a simple lick to seal, you'll want to make sure your wedding invitations are sealed with something much stronger.

If any of your wedding guests have RSVP'd online after receiving the save-the-dates, you'll also need to send them the wedding invitation in the post.

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