How can I have a micro-wedding?

Skip the DJ and go for a local band or dueling pianos. Offer ideas for food and drink. Create a personalised drink or two. A micro-wedding can be just the exchange of vows, but it can also be a full-blown reception and party.

Your wedding is your special day; the details are up to your imagination. Christianson's Nursery is a beautiful nursery in Mt. Vernon, about an hour from downtown Seattle. They have beautiful gardens, two greenhouses and a meadow school (built in 188) that makes a lovely space for the ceremony.

This historically significant Italianate-style mansion offers an exquisite and historic venue for your important event. Built in 1856, the Maxwell Mansion was the first mansion to be built on Lake Geneva and has long hosted stunning micro-weddings. Swapping an extravagant affair for a smaller one doesn't mean a Las Vegas chapel or a quick trip to the courthouse. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

A micro wedding contains all the elements of a traditional ceremony, including a beautiful venue, photographer, flowers, cake and decorations. Plus, they offer advantages that large traditional weddings can't offer. Your micro wedding is your opportunity to create a very personal and intimate ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple. The bride told us that, although she was sad that her wedding was scaled down, she was very happy to have had a smaller wedding with the people closest to them.

For couples looking for a smaller, more intimate celebration surrounded by their closest family and friends, a micro-wedding may be the perfect answer. Having an intimate guest list in a large wedding space will also help meet the social distancing guidelines for weddings, as the large space will allow your guests to spread out. High quality alcohol, couture wedding gowns and lavish floral arrangements are easier to achieve at a small wedding. Also, a smaller number of guests at a micro-wedding allows you to create a truly intimate dinner where everyone gathers at one long table for dinner.

You can always plan to include a time capsule of this micro-wedding and ask your loved ones to fill it with little mementos to remember the day, this season and the beginning of the marriage. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, most couples who opt for a micro-wedding still spend the same as a traditional ceremony. This will help them make better use of space: their micro-wedding for 30 guests could take place in a space originally designed for 300. Although a micro-wedding is smaller in terms of guest size, that doesn't mean the celebration has to be any less spectacular.

The format of weddings used to be one-offs, but the order of events has changed as weddings have evolved into fully personalised experiences. One of the biggest advantages of a micro-wedding is that you will have much more time to spend with all your guests on the big day. From serving a seven-course meal with imported wine pairings to preparing an elaborate buffet or bringing extravagant food trucks to the wedding venue, the options for splurging on food and drink as part of the wedding menu are truly immense. Planning a micro-wedding is the perfect way to include your closest friends and family while having an intimate experience together.

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