How can I have a small wedding without offending anyone?

You need to be honest and open. Take time to discuss with your family members who they will really want to invite to the event. How can I have a small wedding without offending too many of our friends? I want everyone to be there, but the space can only hold 100 people. Besides, we really want to keep it small.

There are other ways to include friends and family in your wedding. You can organise a video broadcast or ask the photographer to post photos in real time (if possible). Even a short video call just before or after the ceremony can help you feel connected to loved ones who are away on the big day. After the wedding, you can send notices to whomever you wish.

But don't be offended if no one sends a gift after receiving the announcement - they are not expected to. Planning a small wedding may seem simple, but it can be logistically difficult. To make the process easier, we've put together tips on how to have a small wedding. Avoid the hassle Having a wedding is hard, but you may be surprised to find out how difficult it is for people to attend weddings too.

As with wedding announcements, guests are not expected to send or bring a wedding gift, although many may choose to do so. A second reception can be just like the first: there is no limit to the number of guests, and you can send invitations, bring your wedding dress, have a reception line and first dances, toasts, a meal and cut a wedding cake.

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