How can i plan a wedding for less than $5,000?

1.Minimise the guest list - 2.Opt for a DJ instead of a band - 4.Be creative with the food and drinks - 5.And this doesn't just apply to the seasons. You can also do a good deal if you are willing to have the ceremony in the mid-morning or early afternoon instead of early evening. Consider getting married at 11am, for example, and follow it up with a barbecue-style reception in the backyard. After becoming discouraged with the rates of professional photographers, I began to despair.

And desperation led me to post an ad on Craigslist asking for a photographer for our wedding. I was absolutely blown away by the response. I got 15 responses, several of whom contacted us with their websites, online portfolios and asking us to choose them. In the end, we chose a PhD student who was looking to earn some extra money.

She met us for coffee, took notes, showed us her work, toured our venue (a two hour round trip for her), showed up on time and got us our photos within a week. It was AMAZING, and while I'm sure luck had something to do with it, doing our research helped us save money. Consider having an off-season wedding in the fall or winter, or even have your wedding on a Sunday.

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