How can you not invite someone to your wedding?

Tell them you are glad they contacted you. When it comes time to politely tell them that they are not invited to the wedding, keep it real. Tell them you're glad they got in touch with you and that you're looking forward to getting back in touch. Tell them what your life has been like since you last spoke and ask them questions about theirs.

If they ask about the wedding, tell them about the budget and space constraints. If you want to see them, suggest you catch up over coffee or dinner after the wedding. Here are some ideas on how to tackle this tricky conversation. Posted on 30 April by Denise Potter.

To help you decide who to invite to your wedding, we're sharing guest list etiquette, plus the questions you should ask yourself when deciding who to invite to your wedding, straight from the experts. Wedding invitations are not retribution, nor are they sent out of obligation just because you've been invited to their wedding or other formal event.

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