How do you make a summer wedding?

Provide plenty of shade for everyone involved. In addition to summer storms, be prepared for other weather-related complications. Confirm that your venue has shaded areas for guests to relax in case there are sweltering temperatures on your date. If you're hosting an outdoor event, such as a ceremony, cocktail hour, or wedding reception, consider buying items for guests that protect from the sun.

Sunglasses, sunscreen and umbrellas are useful products to have around in case temperatures rise. You may even want to supply insect spray for an outdoor ceremony. Are you planning to be a summer bride? Here are expert tips on how to organize a hot wedding. Wondering how you can put the finishing touches on your summer wedding? From tropical leaf cards and fresh coconut water to the best ways to include wellies if it rains, these ideas will make the most of the season.

Make delicious and decorative ice cream at your summer wedding by renting a vintage ice cream cart. Whether you're getting married at the start of the season in late June, down the line in late September or mid during July or August, a summer wedding date gives you tons of opportunities to embrace the season on your big day. On hot summer days, it is a good idea to provide wedding guests with an insect spray to help protect them from annoying mosquitoes. Work with your food supplier to plan a summer menu and ask your place to store your summer wedding cake (and other food offerings) in a cool place until it's time to serve them.

Summer weddings are known for including bright colors, airy fabrics, and fresh farm-to-table inspired food. If your flowers will be exposed to the summer heat for an extended period of time, keep a bottle of water sprayed on hand and give them a light mist every hour or so. Since wedding services are more in demand during the summer, some costs may be higher compared to other seasons. With all this inspiration under their belt, your nuptials will feel like the best summer vacation for your celebrants.

Summer is also unofficially known as rosé season, which means that it is the best time of year to serve guests this popular rosé wine or, better yet, a summer rosé cocktail. If you're having a wedding in the summer, you're likely to at least host the outdoor reception, so make sure you have shaded areas where guests can escape the heat. This will save you the stress of the wedding day by keeping your food in the heat of a summer wedding. The greenery and colorful flowers hanging high above also create a truly beautiful summer wedding decoration that will capture the attention of your guests.

While you shouldn't skimp on your wedding vision, it's important to be realistic about certain items that will work (and won't work) during the summer season, specifically flowers and foods. If you are having a wedding in summer, you are probably imagining a beautiful day of blue sky that looks like something out of a movie, a sea of perfect white roses everywhere, and your guests in haute couture ensembles strolling through the gardens with champagne glasses in hand, commenting on what the most beautiful wedding they have ever seen is like.

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