How do you make a wedding invitation?

1.Start with the invitation - 2.Decide what to do with the tissue paper - 3.Add the reception card - 4.Add any other attached cards - 5.These are the 18 best websites for designing wedding invitations. In most cases, wedding invitations are assembled in order of size, with each card placed face up and the largest at the bottom. Start with the invitation card at the bottom, printed side up. Insert the wedding invitation into the inner envelope, with the front of the invitation facing the open flap of the envelope.

If you are using tissue paper, now is the time to tear it to place it between each layer. The ribbon arrives on wooden spools, approximately 4.5 yards long and 1.75 yards wide. We strongly recommend that you cut the ribbon at 22 for portrait-facing invitations or 31 for landscape-facing invitations, using fabric shears or scissors that have not cut paper before. This will ensure a straight and clean cut.

Just remember the stacking sequence. Place the invitation card first, then the reception card, and finally the enclosure cards, which can include address cards, accommodation cards and the like. The reply envelope goes last. Here is more information about wedding invitations.

Insert the reply card under the flap of the enclosed envelope, not inside it. The reply card should be inserted at the top of the invitation. The largest invitation card is inserted next, followed by the rest of the invitation cards, including the reply card, in order of size. Assembling your invitation suite, assembling your wedding invitation, invitation suite, invitations and stationery, wedding invitations.

Adding a ribbon is a lovely finishing touch to your wedding invitation assembly, especially when the colour of the ribbon complements the design of your wedding invitation. There are many nuances to creating a truly luxurious wedding invitation, which you know is one of the most important details in establishing the overall look of your wedding.

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