How do you organize a micro-wedding?

Invite only your closest friends and family. Decide if you want a wedding party. Engage the services of a wedding planner. Originally they had planned a wedding for 185 guests.

The bride told us that, although she was sad that their wedding was scaled down, she was very happy that they were having a smaller wedding with the people closest to them. A micro-wedding is a unique celebration that combines the traditions of a full wedding ceremony with a minimalist mentality. It is intimate, beautiful and often (but not always) low budget. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing orders, the micro-wedding trend has gained momentum, with brides-to-be across the country narrowing their nuptials down to just their closest family and friends.

Here's how to plan yours, according to the experts. If you've noticed more and more of your friends eschewing large parties for 200 people in favor of intimate, perfectly Instagrammable weddings with just a handful of attendees, you're not alone. The micro-wedding trend has caught on, and brides-to-be across the country are narrowing their nuptials down to their closest family and friends. And, of course, don't let the stress of wedding planning become a strain on your relationship - after all, this is an important celebration you're working towards.

Compartmentalization was key for newlyweds Lindsey and Bri Leaverton, who had to change their wedding plans due to COVID-19, and decided to have a micro-wedding at a drive-in. While a micro-wedding may have most, if not all, of the same aspects of a traditional wedding, it's helpful to keep the planning process focused on the most important part of the day for you. If a live stream isn't your style, you can still get the wedding photos and video of your dreams. Newlywed Ali McCabe, who reduced her original wedding from 165 people to 18, was worried that her video footage might look awkward with such a small audience, but in fact it turned out to be the opposite.

This is a type of wedding where only close family members, friends and relatives are invited. It can be from 20 to 30 people, depending on your preferences. Even if you don't plan to hire a full wedding planner, talk to a wedding consultant to organize your ideas and plans according to your budget and vision. This can also help you with execution in the future.

Fewer guests means more proximity to everyone and finding a venue that is neither too big nor too small so that your wedding guests can still enjoy themselves as if it were a traditional wedding with 100 guests. The average wedding includes 141 guests, but nowadays, more and more couples are having micro-weddings. In this post, you'll discover what a micro wedding is, as well as its many benefits. Then, you'll explore some of the best micro-wedding ideas for every season, and learn how to make your micro-wedding perfect for you and your partner.

Combine your ceremony, reception and honeymoon all together with this package for 12-70 people. Enjoy a beachfront celebration with plenty of entertainment, culture and local food that will turn your wedding into a holiday for your closest friends and family. Or try this idea in a neighboring city or county for a nice change of pace without the extra travel. Assume everyone will have at least one or two moderate slices of your wedding cake.

Serve a cake of 10 for guest lists of up to 35 people or a cake of 12 if you plan to have up to 50 guests. The venue for a micro-wedding may be unconventional compared to those typically used for a larger wedding, but that doesn't make it any less magical. A micro-wedding celebration also allows for more organization, venue possibilities and more time to spend with each of the guests. One of the biggest benefits of a micro wedding is that you will have much more time to spend with all your guests on the big day.

Micro-weddings were created for couples who were forced to forgo any traditions or "must-haves" due to COVID-19.While many couples may be attracted to a micro-wedding because they can certainly be cheaper (fewer guests means fewer people to provide food, favors and alcohol for, after all), a smaller wedding doesn't have to be a budget wedding if that's not what you want. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, most couples who opt for a micro-wedding still spend the same as they would for a traditional ceremony. Consider an exciting and original ceremony idea for your own destination micro-wedding, as it is much easier to travel with a small group. Unlike large weddings, a micro wedding allows you to catch up with each of your guests and enjoy the whole day being yourself.

A micro-wedding is a good idea if you have friends and family from all over who you want to celebrate with but can't attend due to travel restrictions. Whether you decide to wait until you can safely host hundreds of guests in a large venue or opt for a micro-wedding, your day will be incredibly special in every way. One of the great things about a micro wedding or elopement is that it's much easier to prioritize the things that are most important to you. These two planned an intimate micro wedding ceremony in the beautiful Superstition Mountains of Arizona.

You can always go for your specialty signature cocktails at your micro-weddings and give them clever, witty names. The best thing about micro-weddings is that you don't have to follow the traditional wedding components if you don't want to. Micro-weddings have been around for a long time, but have become very popular this past year due to the pandemic in the world.

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