How much does a micro-wedding cost?

Use this package as a template for planning your own event, even if you don't plan to travel to Tennessee, as it includes all the essentials for a micro-wedding. Plan your dream themed wedding at this Tennessee venue with their package for weddings with 24 or fewer guests. Nella Terra Cellars is a great example of how micro-weddings can be magical even with a smaller group. There are definitely things you can do yourself for a backyard wedding, including decorating your reception, wedding guest book and wedding favours.

Although geographically, Nevada is a large state, population-wise, the state is primarily made up of a few larger cities that are often considered ideal destination wedding locations The Las Vegas area sees the most weddings per year, followed by Reno. Add one or more of these creative ideas to your own wedding plans to make the most of your small wedding. Another option for a unique micro-wedding is in a beautiful botanical garden surrounded by your friends and family. If you're ready, check out these 5 unique micro wedding ideas that are perfect for these socially distant times.

Small weddings are on the rise, not only to save money but many couples are opting for a wedding that is more personal and meaningful to their relationship. If you want to get married now without losing the magic of your special day, a micro-wedding is a great option for couples to consider as they walk down the aisle. These outdoor venues are the perfect places for your sequel wedding - the larger ceremony and reception you originally planned - to bring your wedding vision to fruition. We specialise in finding unconventional wedding venues that suit elopements of just two people and small weddings of up to 100 guests.

This takes some of the stress out of wedding planning, giving you more time to devote to finding the ideal local suppliers to bring your wedding vision to life.

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