How to make a micro-wedding special?

Share the special moments with a group that will cherish every minute. Make every face in the crowd the happiest to share your special day. To keep everyone safe, our experts suggest choosing a menu peppered with single-serve options. Mini bottles of sparkling water or wine, with paper straws, are perfect for cocktail hour: a waiter can hand one out to each guest, meaning no one has to queue at the bar or serve drinks from regular bottles.

A micro-wedding is a wedding event attended by 40 people or less. Although it is a smaller-scale celebration, a micro-wedding is not to be confused with an elopement. Both are small, but an elopement involves a quick, spontaneous wedding with few (or no) guests, while a micro-wedding is the opposite. The average wedding includes 141 guests, but nowadays, more and more couples are having micro-weddings.

In this post, you'll discover what a micro wedding is, as well as its many advantages. Then, you'll explore some of the best micro wedding ideas for every season, and learn how to make your micro wedding perfect for you and your partner. Combine your ceremony, reception and honeymoon all together with this package for 12-70 people. Enjoy a beachfront celebration with plenty of entertainment, culture and local food that will turn your wedding into a holiday for your closest friends and family.

Or try this idea in a neighbouring city or county for a nice change of pace without the extra travel. Assume everyone will have at least one or two moderate slices of your wedding cake. Serve a cake of 10 for guest lists of up to 35 people or a cake of 12 if you plan to have up to 50 guests. They had originally planned a wedding for 185 guests.

The bride told us that although she was sad that their wedding was downsized, she was very happy that they had a smaller wedding with the people closest to them. I find the perfect location for the ceremony, how about the top of a mountain? I find the photographer and the officiant, And the flowers, the cakes, and more, I help plan the day, A local brewery for the micro-reception.... I take care of the little things, Park permits, marriage license, etc. My team of wedding professionals specializes in providing catered services to small wedding styles and budgets throughout Colorado.

Micro weddings have been around for a long time but have become very popular this past year due to the pandemic going through the world. Doing so will allow you to better utilize your space your micro wedding for 30 guests could take place in a space originally designed to fit 300. For example, you might consider this creative micro cinnamon bun wedding cake or some other baked treat that is large enough to share yet unique enough to represent you and your partner's tastes. As with a full size wedding, one of the first things to do when planning your micro wedding is to calculate and then set your budget.

Nella Terra Cellars is a good example of how micro weddings can still be magical even with a smaller group. Because small weddings are so intimate, couples may want a close friend or special person in their life to officiate the wedding ceremony. Choosing a small venue and guest list can significantly reduce wedding costs, leaving more room to splurge on details such as entertainment, decorations or a top-quality open bar. One of the biggest advantages of having a micro-wedding is that it opens up many opportunities for unique and exciting venues due to both the lower cost and the ability of venues to accommodate more easily.

One of the great things about a micro wedding or elopement is that it is much easier to prioritise the things that are most important to you. The details are what make your celebration unique to the two of you, so don't skimp on them for a micro wedding. For couples looking for a smaller, more intimate celebration surrounded by their closest family and friends, a micro-wedding may be the perfect answer. Also, a smaller number of guests at a micro-wedding allows you to create a truly intimate dinner where everyone gathers around one long table for dinner.

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