Outdated Wedding Trends to Replace in 2022

As weddings continue to become more and more modern, it's time to start replacing some of the outdated trends that couples used to adhere to. Here are some outdated wedding trends that you can ditch in 2022:

  1. The traditional wedding cake: While cakes may still be a popular option, there are many other options available that are just as delicious and impressive. From chocolate cupcakes to banana nut muffins, there are lots of great choices for a bride and groom's dessert.

  2. The traditional wedding guest list: When it comes to guest lists, there are a variety of creative ways to keep things interesting and make them more personal.

  3. The formal wedding dress: While the traditional white strapless gown is still a popular choice, there are many other options that are both elegant and comfortable.

  4. The traditional wedding day: There are many fun ways to keep traditions alive and make the day more personal.

  5. The traditional table settings: While it is still a popular option, there are lots of other options that are both beautiful and practical.

  6. The traditional wedding gift: There are a variety of creative options that will make your gifts both beautiful and practical.

Some additional trends that look like they are on their way out for 2022:

  • The use of white weddings

  • Wedding ceremonies at sunset

  • Only having formal photos taken

  • Arriving in a horse and carriage

  • Only having digital photos taken

  • Using a videographer to capture your wedding day

Ultimately, weddings are one of the most personal events you'll plan in your life. It can be very overwhelming too but at the end of the day, you will want to have the wedding you want. The above trends don't apply to everyone and these are probably the most important things to remember:

  • Have fun! This is supposed to be a day to remember and enjoy

  • Choose the look you want - dress, colors and decor should be your choice

  • Invite who you want - I prefer small weddings (a.k.a. micro weddings) but if you have a large family or friend group, invite the people you care about and that are important to you

  • Conserve budget (to an extent) - yes, you'll want to spring for good food, drinks and entertainment, but start a budget and track what you spend to avoid any surprises when the vendors have to be paid and don't forget tips! Tips make the industry professionals day and if they did a great job, they should be compensated for their performance

Mary Westlund
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