Top Wedding Colors of 2022

Yes, your wedding colors can be red and green and do not emit Christmas vibes. Bright shades such as emerald and ruby can serve as complementary changing wedding colors, especially when counteracted by a third light shade, such as ivory or, in this case, mauve or taupe. While jewel tones are synonymous with colder months, there is nothing stopping you from having a luxurious and changing wedding in spring, if that is your vision. When combined, yellow and blush can suit a romantic meeting or a bohemian wedding, it all comes down to execution.

Crisp shades of pink, yellow and white will feel bright and summery, while darker, muted shades of daffodil, salmon and mohair will create a palette suitable for a modern desert environment. Yellow and blush lend themselves to outdoor environments. The brighter your color palette, the more classic your wedding will feel. On the contrary, if you want your wedding space to feel like the interior of an Anthropologie tent, accentuate the muted tones with grassy natural plants, cozy sitting areas and plenty of warm lighting.

Trendy jewel tones such as indigo and violet are two of the most changing colors to work with. Perfect for intimate settings, the deep colors of the wedding will make your wedding feel truly elegant. Lovers of nature, this combination of bright colors is for you. Whether you say yes in a rustic barn or on an industrial rooftop, green and ivory will bring a breath of fresh air to your nuptials.

If you prefer greenery to flowers, swap traditional flowers for modern garlands of long, faint greens for a minimalist and elegant wedding color theme. Perfect for the feminine girl, a pink and purple palette is a dream come true. Balance colors by using them unpredictably, such as on your table cloth, while choosing neutral colors for your flowers. For more wedding color palette inspiration, visit more than 200 wedding color schemes.

Bold brides, don't forget to combine a bold color with an even more vivid tone. Emerald, coral and lemon yellow stood firm on this scheme while they played very well as a team, too. A vibrant color palette works well for an outdoor wedding where shades have room to breathe. This same palette may be more difficult to achieve in an indoor place with less natural light to soften it.

The colors of the May wedding are those of blushing cheeks and flirty flowers in different shades of pink, from sweet cherry blossom to vivid magenta. Designing a clear wedding color scheme will make it look like you've thought of everything for your nuptials. Whether you are inclined to deep nuances or experiment with light pale shades, pink and blue tones are ideal for couples who want a romantic and bright wedding. And with so many colorful summer wedding colors to choose from, it's no wonder that June is one of the most popular months to celebrate a wedding.

If your wedding venue has bold colors, let it add to your wedding palette, don't distract you from it. From the mountains of Colorado to the vineyards of Napa, a nature-inspired peach, green and sky blue scheme can work in multiple wedding styles. We also recommend that you rely on your wedding planner for guidance and inspiration when choosing color combinations. Choose a muted, rusty cornflower blue for a rustic wedding, or a vibrant aquamarine and orange for a beach wedding.

Blanched and dry grasses such as the pampas, rabbit tails, palm leaves and fodder wildflowers have become a fundamental pillar of the wedding. The color palette of your wedding will create an experience for your guests from the moment they open their wedding invitations. To help you create your ideal shade combinations, we've put together the best wedding color ideas that will work any time of the year. Perfect for a late autumn or early winter wedding, fresh greens and blues would look natural on a historic estate or majestic ballroom.

Do not be afraid to combine traditional color with unlikely shades, an unconventional palette is a great way to personalize your wedding. When planning summer weddings, many brides turn to bright oranges, flashy yellows and cheerful blues for their color scheme. With this in mind, be sure to consider your personal preferences and associations when selecting your wedding color palette. .


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