Wedding Trends for 2022

What to write on a wedding card - How to choose a wedding band. Photo by Clay Austin via Style Me Pretty Photo by Faith Roper Photography Photo by You Them Us via One Fab Day Photo by Hellomagnolioliastudio on Etsy Photo by Orna Hand Painted Candles Photo by Gail Secker via Fletcher and Foley Photo by Sharon Kee Photography via One Fab Day Photo by The Ganeys via The Wedding Sparrow PHOTO BY PAOLA COLLEONI via Brides Photo by Jaypeg Photo & Film via The Lane Photo by Sarah Elliott via Eye Swoon Photo by Justine Milton Photography via Style Me Pretty Photo by Fawcett Photography via Lizzie Art Photo by Cody James Barry via Green Wedding Shoes Photo by Anneli Marinovich via Love My Dress. Couples postponed their wedding dates and, of course, people kept getting engaged, which led to a lot of competition for weekend weddings. Wedding décor is an important part of getting the wedding you want, as much of the décor will bring together the look and feel of your special day.

Geometric centerpieces have become one of the most consistent trends in modern weddings since mason jars arrived at rustic weddings. With plenty of guest accommodation on offer, the trend for more modern weddings can be brought to life with an elegant country house that is famous for hosting events. Other ways couples can achieve this wedding trend is by swapping plastic straws for paper straws, sharing flowers and wedding day decorations with other couples using the venue, and offering 'tree replanting' as a wedding gift. At first, you might not see how it could be a super elegant wedding theme, but when you take a look at the images of a celestial wedding theme you see that it really is very elegant.

The back doors will swing wide open and the wedding décor will burst from the inside to the outside, creating a whimsical and playful garden wedding experience. Wedding colors have always been an option for couples planning a tropical, beach or destination wedding, but now it seems that more couples having their weddings in other locations also like this theme. Many couples went ahead with a small wedding ceremony (a minimony) during the closing and are saving their big reception party (the aftermath part of their day) for the first anniversary of their original wedding date. Doing your research when planning a wedding also means finding out what the latest wedding trends are so that your wedding is on trend.

Some of the bridal fashions that are making their way are the mix and match bridesmaids' dresses trend that was so big in the mid-2000s, along with short reception dresses, and the jumper trend for the bride and bridesmaids has been replaced by denim jackets. It's a portmanteau of "anniversary" and "reception", and this trend comes hand in hand with kidnap weddings. You can also try the whimsical "Alice in Wonderland" theme latest wedding reception trends for garden parties. Taking inspiration from the latest wedding reports and talking to wedding planners, suppliers and couples from around the world, we've put together the most interesting and must-have wedding trends of the year.


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