What are micro-weddings?

A micro-wedding involves up to a maximum of 20 guests, usually including the closest family members and a few select friends. Micro-weddings generally include features of a larger traditional wedding day, but organised on a smaller scale and with a more relaxed atmosphere. A micro-wedding is an intimate affair, usually with no more than 50 guests. They still feature the time-honoured traditions that make up a wedding, but on a much smaller scale.

A micro-wedding is a unique celebration that combines the traditions of a full wedding ceremony with a minimalist mentality. It is intimate, beautiful and often (but not always) low-budget. In essence, the term "micro-wedding" refers to smaller, more intimate weddings. This new trend is gaining popularity and for good reason.

With the current restrictions on gatherings, couples are adapting to the pandemic and opting for a more intimate affair. With all the advantages of having a micro-wedding, can you blame them? One of the biggest advantages of a micro-wedding is that you will have much more time to spend with all your guests on the big day. However, for some couples, a micro wedding is an opportunity to really maximise their dollar per guest rate. Colorado Microweddings (Microweddings LLC) is an all-inclusive wedding planning and coordination service that provides all the packages needed for affordable small wedding ceremonies and vow renewals in the Colorado area.

Consider an exciting and original ceremony idea for your own micro destination wedding, as it is much easier to travel with a small group. Nella Terra Cellars is a good example of how micro-weddings can still be magical even with a smaller group. We would like to point out that you should always check with the micro-wedding venue about possible alcohol regulations. With its distinctive interior design, Botanico expands the definition of what a micro-wedding can be.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, most couples who choose a micro-wedding still spend the same as a traditional ceremony. Built in 1856, the Maxwell Mansion was the first mansion to be built on Lake Geneva and has long hosted stunning micro-weddings. One of the main advantages of having a micro-wedding is the fact that the physical location is less constraining because fewer people are involved. From Colorado (like the always cool Treehaus, photographed by Jessica Cooke) to New York, here are 29 of the best micro-wedding venues.

It depends on how small or large you want your budget to be, but micro-weddings make budgets easier to maintain. Your micro wedding is your chance to create a very personal and intimate ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple. For example, you might consider this creative cinnamon bun wedding cake or some other baked treat that is big enough to share yet unique enough to represent you and your partner's tastes. Although a micro-wedding is smaller in terms of number of guests, that doesn't mean the celebration has to be any less spectacular.

Use this package as a template for planning your own event, even if you don't plan to travel to Tennessee, as it includes all the essentials that a micro-wedding should have.

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