What are the colors for winter weddings?

Light pink and pale blush, navy blue and forest green. While this trio of colors may be synonymous with July, they also work surprisingly well for winter. Deep red, wintry white and navy blue make this floral creation appropriate for cold weather. The horns are the perfect finishing touch for the season.

Perfect for a modern, minimalist vibe, a white and grey color palette will give your wedding a streamlined, ultra-chic aesthetic. Use a variety of textures such as raw silk, velvet, vellum or faux fur to give this color palette some dimension and depth (this set of winter wedding invitations is just one example of how to achieve this). Reds and browns are the perfect colors for autumn-winter weddings. These earth tones are rich with life and act as a great metaphor for your happily ever after.

This color combination also provokes a very healthy appetite. Use brown sparingly and lean on touches of red to make things pop. It's not a combination, but another color theme to follow is the traditional all-white hue. An all-white wedding, which is very reminiscent of cold winter temperatures and snowy landscapes, can be refreshing and tremendously spectacular in winter.

Not only is it clean, sophisticated and luxurious, but it is also surprisingly easy to implement, as most of the wedding elements are already white. Although white may seem like a simple color, it can make a big impact. To liven up the décor, use plenty of textures and dimensions at the wedding, so that the color doesn't just run to nothing. Combine different fabrics, plants and greenery to add dimension.

Don't shy away from adding greenery and natural materials to liven up the look. To inspire the main colors for your big day, we've put together photos of the most beautiful color combinations from real winter weddings. Choosing a color scheme for a winter wedding will be an important part of your planning process if you're getting married between November and March, and we've got plenty of ideas to help you. There are the blue hues of freshly fallen snow and that rare crystal clear winter sky or the stormy greys of more frequent gloomy days and winter blizzards.

And, of course, you can't go wrong with a white-on-white palette that transforms your wedding into a modern winter wonderland. And in case you need any more convincing, we've rounded up some of the best winter wedding color schemes for your pinboard with ways to get the look yourself too. This sweet wedding color palette is a winter version of the popular blush and eucalyptus combination found everywhere come spring and summer. If you're getting married during this season, choosing winter wedding colors is an important part of your planning process.

Full of out-of-this-world whimsy, this ethereal wedding theme works beautifully with silver and gold, however, it's with silver that you get that cool touch of winter sky magic. This almost neutral palette works for a variety of wedding styles, whether you're hosting a fancy ballroom event or a rustic barn wedding. Seasonal colors such as red, burgundy, emerald green and navy are some of the most popular colors for winter weddings. From snuggling by the fireplace to cozy horse-drawn carriages, winter weddings have perks you can't get at any other time of year.

The warm weather is still here, but for brides planning, it's time to start thinking about winter wedding colors. This sophisticated winter wedding color scheme is an elegant choice if you're hosting a formal or black tie event.

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