What are the colors of the spring wedding?

Pastels, especially blue, mixed with deep berry colors are in fashion. Greys and blues with striking splashes of colour. Liven up a palette of navy and cornflower blue with sunny chartreuse, a simple but cheerful color scheme that is perfect for a country wedding. Therefore, the primary colors for spring include shades of red green, pink, yellow, blue, purple and pink.

This is why this color combination that would be lovely for a rustic wedding, barn or vintage themed, is a beautiful choice. Along the way, you'll also find unique methods to showcase the shades you choose in every detail of the wedding, from your invitations to your cake. From dusty blue bridesmaid dresses to wedding shoes of the same color, also bouquets with blue ribbons, centerpieces are all spring favorites that will never let you down in the wedding arena. With different shades of red, such as dark red, red and pink, mixed together, the red and pink color combination conveys a refreshing and warm atmosphere, perfect for spring weddings.

Dress your bridesmaids in dusty blue with bouquets of blush, and you can also decorate the wedding tables with dusty blue tablecloths and blush napkins. Purple and Gold are 2 rich and beautiful colors that can be worn together to convey an infinitely elegant look for your spring wedding. The calm mint combined with shiny gold is a very refined and beautiful color combination and ideal for spring or summer weddings. Emerald is a rich, real color and gold will add a bright shine to an emerald spring wedding.

Pair it with fuchsia and you have an elegant and classy wedding with photographs that are sure to stand out anywhere. Dressing some of your bridesmaids in blush and others in rose gold with sequins is ideal for a spring wedding. Fresh mint green combined with warm and cozy coral is a cheerful combination of spring colors that never goes out of style, and it's easy to see why, as it easily adapts to vintage and modern wedding themes.

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