What are the different parts of a wedding invitation?

The parts of a wedding invitation suite. The envelope will have your guest list and address on the front and your return address on the back flap. You can write the addresses by hand, hire a calligrapher or, if you are purchasing your wedding invitations from Shine Wedding Invitations, we recommend that you use our simple and convenient guest addressing service, where we print the return and guest addresses in the same fonts as the invitation suite. Reply cards are included as an easy way for your guests to accept or decline your invitation.

At 3.5×4.75″ in size, standard reply cards fit in A1 envelopes (3.625×5.125″). Printed response cards are highly recommended for your wedding invitation set. On this card there will be a line for your guests to respond, a response date and input options if applicable. The name line is traditionally indicated with an "M" and guests are expected to fill in the rest of their title (Mr.

and Mrs.). The wedding invitation set consists of all the paper items that are sent along with the wedding invitation. It should always include a reply card, as well as important information such as addresses and accommodation. If stationery overload is making you lose your mind and you can't tell a reception card from a reply card, we have compiled a helpful guide outlining exactly what to send with your wedding invitations.

If the wedding reception is not being held at the same venue as the ceremony, you will need to include a separate card with the reception information, with wording indicating the formality and nature of the event. If you are having a reception before 1pm, simply put "Reception", advises Zuelch. Want to indicate that it is a dinner? The first line should be "Reception dinner". For younger guests, if you want to organise an adults-only event, you should let guests know by word of mouth and by the names on the invitation.

If you have to include an adult reception line, do so on the reception card, and as the last line, says Zuelch. Don't leave guests to fend for themselves to get to the wedding on time. While Google Maps is very much alive, a guest's phone can die or miss the reception, and that's a recipe for unpunctuality. Plus, older guests may not have a smartphone that can give them instant directions.

So, to be on the safe side, always include an address card. You never know when your guests will need it. Be very mindful of the font you use on address cards, says Zuelch. It's important to make sure the font is easy to read for all guests.

And, in case you don't include an address card in your wedding invitation package, you should include directions to the venue and its address on your wedding website as another option. To add personality and an intimate touch, Velez recommends including a personalised weekend map. They are a great addition and a keepsake for you and your guests. If you have guests coming from out of town, they will appreciate the additional card detailing hotel options.

Including a reservation deadline on the accommodation card is optional but useful, suggests Zuelch. Rooms can book up quickly, so it's good to give your guests a date to aim for. If you are going to cover guest accommodation, it is polite to indicate this on the accommodation card, says Zuelch. Be sure to include any information regarding transportation to and from hotels to the wedding.

Once you've properly assembled your wedding invitation set, you can use an invitation wrap, such as a belly band or silk ribbon, to keep all the pieces together neatly. Choose a matching colour and accent the wrapping with a jewellery or botanical element for added glamour. In addition to the main wedding invitation, there are several different pieces that can make up the wedding invitation set. The invitation is the main component of your stationery set.

It contains the who, what, where and when of the wedding. It is usually the largest piece. Guests will send you the response card to let you know if they are attending. This card can also request a meal choice or serve as an RSVP for other events on the wedding weekend.

If your invitation package has multiple inserts, consider one of the following options to keep everything in place. Use a square tag or wax seal to add interest or to secure the belly band. This is the perfect place to use your wedding monogram or add a simple motif. Mount your invitation on the centre panel of this folded card and tuck your inserts into the side pocket.

It can be secured with a belly band, wax seal or tag. A pocket folder can also be used in place of an inner envelope. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so that your guests can easily return your reply card. Generally use the host's address, and be sure to include a name.

Take the assembled invitation to your local post office to be weighed and told the correct postage amount. I'm Sarah and I create bespoke wedding stationery for brides who need a simple, classic invitation design with just the right amount of personality. In the old days, a servant would receive the invitation package, remove the inner envelope and hand the inner envelope to the member of the household it was addressed to. Many modern brides continue this tradition.

The wedding invitation is the place where guests are given the information they need to attend your event on time. It is also an opportunity to let guests know how formal the event will be and to set the tone for your special day. RSVP cards are a critical component of the invitation and wedding planning process, as they allow your guests to let you know if they will be attending, as well as the number of people they will be bringing to the event. RSVP cards can be blank for guests to write their own message, or they can be printed for guests to fill in a blank space or two.

Reply cards should always be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope to make it as easy as possible for guests to reply. Classic folding cards Panel cards Double-sided postcards Double-sided postcardsSee all wedding invitations. Send your wedding thank you cards no later than one month after your honeymoon for the gifts you received on your wedding day. Wedding RSVP cards usually ask each guest to check a box to find out how many people will be attending the wedding.

After all, a wedding invitation set is more than just the invitation, you will also need save the date cards, RSVP cards, reception cards, wedding programs, menu cards, place cards and thank you cards. CharmCat Creative LLC is an art studio and stationery business specializing in unique greeting cards, art prints, small gift items, watercolor wedding invitations, custom watercolor wedding maps, watercolor venue paintings, and other art commissions; located in Martinsville, Virginia; serving local clients and planners in Roanoke, Virginia; the New River Valley area of Virginia; Raleigh, North Carolina, the Triad area of North Carolina; plus clients and planners worldwide. Factors such as guest list size, wedding day schedule and budget can affect what to include on wedding invitations.

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