Who do you invite to a micro-wedding?

A micro-wedding is an in-person wedding with a maximum of 50 guests that consists almost exclusively of your nearest and dearest. For this type of wedding, you probably won't invite your mother-in-law's second cousin or your work colleagues. An easy way to stick to a small guest list is to limit the guests from the start. If you want to go down this route, we recommend that you limit your guests to only those loved ones who have a long-term relationship.

Otherwise, you are not obliged to give an extra invitation to anyone. As with any micro-wedding, it is not possible to invite everyone and every guest; otherwise, it will no longer be a small wedding event. When you make the guest list, you will need to be very selective. Agree on the number of people you want to invite and discuss the options between you and your fiancée.

With a micro-wedding you can eliminate certain elements or decorations altogether, for example, elaborate transportation may be unnecessary and an order of service may be irrelevant. Some people may think that, due to the micro nature of the wedding, it is not important to have a registry. Having a micro-wedding is an exciting decision and has many advantages, but one of the most difficult things some couples encounter is drawing up the guest list. In some cases, inviting less than 20 people costs much less than 100, especially when considering the price per person, so budget can be a compelling reason to choose a micro-wedding.

Some couples believe that a micro-wedding allows them to enjoy the true meaning of the day, marrying the person they are completely in love with and starting their marriage together. A micro-wedding involves up to a maximum of about 20 guests, usually including the closest family members and a few select friends. Whether you're in that boat, looking for information on how the heck to organise this, or you're still trying to figure out what decision is right for you, here's everything you need to know about planning a micro-wedding. There are a myriad of reasons why micro-weddings are all the rage these days and so it's no wonder you've decided on a mini.

Since you've decided to have a micro wedding, decide together exactly how micro you're going to go. There is no dress code rule for a micro wedding, be it as elaborate or as simple as you wish, remember there is no rule book. Instead of your day being a constant stream of welcomes, goodbyes and guilt over not talking properly to a hundred people individually, a micro wedding allows for a more relaxed atmosphere. A micro-wedding is a small celebration, involving 50 people or less (although most often between 10 and 30 people).

If you are naturally more introverted and the thought of a room full of hundreds of eyes on you fills you with absolute dread and anxiety, then a smaller micro wedding could certainly be the right choice. If you're having a micro wedding and you're getting married in a jiffy, then this invitation is perfect for you. Sometimes defined as small and intimate weddings, normally a micro wedding will host a much smaller capacity which means inviting fewer guests to your special day. It seems simple, instead of accommodating hundreds of guests, a micro wedding allows you to accommodate a limited number of guests, thus reducing your financial outlay.

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