Why celebrate a micro-wedding?

A micro-wedding is for the couple who want to really focus and spend most of their budget on the smaller details, whereas it might be difficult to replicate the same experience for, say, 200 guests. While a micro-wedding can save you money, many couples are turning it into a macro-experience. A micro-wedding is an intimate affair, usually with no more than 50 guests. They still feature the time-honored traditions that make up a wedding, but on a much smaller scale.

As the name suggests, a micro-wedding is all about scale. Sometimes defined as small, intimate weddings, typically a micro-wedding will have a much smaller capacity that involves inviting fewer guests to your special day. Walking down the aisle of a courthouse, a garden, a restaurant or the patio of your home doesn't require a 15 foot couture queue or the months of fittings that go with it. Want to wear a Solange jacket suit or a non-traditional color? Do whatever you want.

And if you want a big dress, that's your choice too. The point is that you control things, not the dress code or the expectations of others. That also means you don't need to force your best friends to wear matching bridesmaid dresses. Just saying.

After all, wedding experts break down the total cost per person. This also informs you where you can spend your money. Ten guests is a big difference when you consider table and dinner settings. And even if your Aunt Shirley desperately wants you to invite Cousin Ralph, try to keep in mind that the goal of a micro-wedding is to maintain intimacy.

Brisman suggests setting a rule of thumb to narrow down the list. For example, "over 21" or "no plus ones unless it's very serious" are easy ways to reduce the number without hurting feelings. The great thing about a micro-wedding is that you have a lot more choice in terms of where you can hold it, as you don't have to find a space large enough for 150 people. Whether it's a dreamy courtyard that you can decorate with colored lights, a public space that's important to you (like a park where you can apply for a permit) or a favorite restaurant, the venue will set the tone for the evening.

And part of that tone is people's sense of security. Does your venue have COVID-light sanitation policies or are they skirting the issue? It's imperative to know all your suppliers' responses to COVID, especially if they cater, and decide whether they meet your expectations - would you rather enjoy a five-course meal with 12 guests or keep it informal and then rock out with a DJ? Prioritize what you can splurge on and what you'd rather skimp on. For every couple this is different, so sit down and have that conversation with your partner to get on the same page or at least compromise. If spending time with your guests is one of your priorities on your wedding day, a micro-wedding is perfect for you.

With a larger guest list, it can be nearly impossible to connect with all of your guests on your wedding day. In fact, many brides report that at least a handful of guests will leave before you can talk to them. A more intimate gathering will allow you more time to give each guest personal attention. You won't have to worry that a three-minute conversation with one guest will prevent you from talking to another later.

More intimate weddings allow newlyweds to interact with each guest for longer. Now that the current situation means that small weddings are in the spotlight for couples, I wanted to write a post about the positive aspects of having a micro-wedding. Yes, the current norm means that you can only have 15 people for your special day (including yourselves), but that doesn't mean that your wedding has to be a complete compromise. There are many advantages to having a micro-wedding.

So much so that it's worth considering an intimate wedding even after Covid and when things get back to "normal". No one is going to forget this year's difficulties in a hurry, but it is still possible to create an unforgettable wedding for all the right reasons. Here are my 10 reasons to have a micro-wedding. With the current rule that only allows 15 people at your wedding, by law, you can only invite those who are truly special to you.

In my experience as a planner (of over ten years), guest lists can be one of the biggest headaches when planning your wedding. Family politics can come into play and couples can feel very pressured to invite people they don't really want to be part of their day. A law that mandates that there are only 15 people in total at your wedding takes the burden and pressure off your decisions as a couple. And you get to spend the day with the people you care about most.

High-end alcohol, couture wedding clothes and lavish floral arrangements are more achievable with a smaller wedding. A micro-wedding allows for a luxury experience for all wedding guests. In a large, traditional ceremony, you may have to skimp on certain elements, such as food and drink, to stay within budget with your cost-per-guest rate. Whether it's a matter of budget, a desire for intimacy or simply not wanting to worry about all the big details, not every couple is looking for a large-scale wedding celebration, so why should they be pushed into the big party corner or the quickie elopement corner? The micro-wedding offers a middle ground that allows couples to have their own little cake, and eat it with the ones they love the most.

It sounds simple: instead of catering for hundreds of guests, a micro-wedding allows you to cater for a limited number of guests, thus reducing costs. Some couples believe that a micro-wedding allows them to enjoy the true meaning of the day, marrying the person they are completely in love with and starting their marriage together. A micro-wedding is a small, intimate gathering, usually with no more than 50 guests, to celebrate a couple's marriage. If you are more of an introvert by nature and the thought of a room full of hundreds of eyes turning only to you fills you with dread and anxiety, then a smaller micro-wedding could certainly be the right choice.

Instead of your day being a constant stream of welcomes, goodbyes and guilt over not having properly spoken to a hundred people individually, a micro wedding allows for a more relaxed atmosphere. One of the biggest advantages of a micro wedding is that you will have much more time to spend with all your guests on the big day. By opting for a micro wedding, you don't have to feel bad about distilling your wedding down to the elements you really value as a couple. Colorado Microweddings (Microweddings LLC) is an all-inclusive wedding planning and coordination service that provides all the packages needed for affordable small wedding ceremonies and vow renewals in the Colorado area.

With a micro-wedding you may be able to eliminate certain items or decorations altogether, for example, elaborate transportation may be unnecessary and an order of service could be irrelevant. Don't feel pressured to meet any cultural demands, take the reins of your trip planning, enjoy yourself and your micro wedding will be everything you dream of. Below is a short list of other KC companies that have started offering micro-wedding services to brides and grooms in the area. We want to point out, always double check with your micro wedding venue on potential liquor or alcohol regulations.

Micro-weddings offer an affordable alternative to more traditional wedding options, while still offering a beautiful, memorable and incredible wedding day. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, most couples who choose a micro-wedding still spend the same as a traditional ceremony. The venue for a micro-wedding may be unconventional compared to those typically used for a larger wedding, but that doesn't make it any less magical.

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